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Why choose our parental control app?

Complete Protection

Blocks inappropriate content

  • Inappropriate apps blocking
  • Safe internet browsing

Prevents smartphone addiction

  • Time limits for device use
  • Smartphone usage tracking

Remote Monitoring

Dedicated Parental Control Panel site

  • Monitor your kid’s activities
  • Track your kid’s location
  • Fully operational on any laptop, tablet or smartphone

Parent’s mode of the app

  • Developed for Android and iOS phones
  • Providing monitoring and tracking functionalities

Quick Setup

  • Easy few steps configuration
  • No tech skills required

Created by Parents

  • By parents for parents
  • Used and tested with our own kids daily
  • Knowing the challenges you face we provide you with our working sollution

Protect Your Kid at a glance

Protect Your Kid is one parental control app with two helpful modes:
1. Kid’s mode – installable on your children Android devices
2. Parent’s mode – installable both on Android and iOS devices


Install Protect Your Kid app on your kid’s devices

You can protect all of your kid’s phones and tablets with a single account. Just download and configure Protect Your Kid on each Android device.


Set it as default launcher and configure rules and restrictions

Firstly, follow the steps to set up Protect Your Kid as default launcher on your kid’s device. Then go and combine apps in Groups (e. g Chats) and choose which rules to apply.


Install  the app on your own device – no matter Android or iOS phone. Make sure you choose the Parent’s mode!

Keep an eye on your kid’s app usage statistics and location through the Parent’s app or  register in our Parental Control Panel site and monitor from there.


 Enjoy your free family time!   

Track the usage statistics and talk with your kid whenever you notice something disturbing.
Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the free family time!

Features and Pricing


Kid tracker

Stop worrying where your kid is right now. You can always track his location directly from the parental control app on your phone or through the site.

Monitoring of multiple kids’ devices

You can use a single parent account to monitor all of your kids devices.

Safe browser

Let your kid browse only appropriate internet sites defined by you. Easily add new sites to the allowed list. You can also see a complete history of which sites your kid tried to open.

Organize apps in groups

Organize thematically related apps such as games, social or chat apps into groups. This makes configuration much simpler. You can apply restrictions and time limits for an entire group of apps rather than for each app individually.

Block apps

Easily block access to any app installed on your kid’s device either completely or for certain time. Could be time frame, time volume or permanent.

Set time limits

For each app or group of apps you can define a variety of time limits:

– time frame, e.g. from 9 to 11;

– time volume, e.g. one hour per day or two hours per week;

– permanent, e.g. for the entire day.

Night mode

Don’t let your kid be disturbed before or during its night sleep. If you configure the night settings all apps and phone calls could be blocked completely during this time. Additionally if you choose all calls could be blocked too.

Holiday mode

It’s time for rewards :) Easily give your kids some bonus time during their holidays and vacations without having to reconfigure your entire settings. Holiday mode can be switched on / off at any time.

Application usage history

Get a complete daily and weekly overview which apps your kid uses and how much time it spends. You can check this through the Parent app on your Android or iOS device. You can also access it through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Just log in in our parental control panel site with your parent email and password.

Block installation of new apps

Prevent your child from installing and using new and potentially harmful apps on its device until you explcitly approve them.

Block in-app purchases and paid services

Prevent your kid from spending money on additional features in apps, e.g. buying additional levels in games.

Block access to Settings

Smartphone settings are secured so your child can’t reconfigure them.

Prevent kids from uninstalling Protect Your Kid

100% secured app which your kid cannot switch off. Once you set it up no one but you can reconfigure it.

Easy access to apps for parents

If you want to quickly access an app on your kid’s device which is currently blocked just enter your parent password. This way you will have an easy access to the app without having to reconfigure your entire settings.


2.95 EUR per month ( yearly subscription )
3.33 EUR per month ( 6-months subscription)
3.65 EUR per month ( 3-months subscription)
3.75 EUR per month ( 1-month subscription)


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